Or, shall we say, (Josse, Gosse, Joskin, Jossequin, Josquinus, Jodocus, Judocus, Juschino; Desprez, des Près, des Prés, de Prés, a Prato, de Prato, Pratensis)

Josquin (as he is most frequently called) was one of the greatest composers of the Renaissance and of all Western music. Despite the difficulty in pinning down his whereabouts, as well as his name, his reputation both as a composer and also a gifted singer has never been in doubt. His stint as chorister in the papal chapel is perhaps the most prestigious of his posts, but his ability to land the right job at the right time made his career eventually a very profitable one. His success and luck can be contrasted most vividly with Jacob Obrecht, who languished in Germany for too long before moving to Ferrara as Josquin's successor there as Maestro di Cappella only to be dismissed by a new boss and die of the plague. Such an unfortunate end never befell Josquin, who died in his late 60s or early 70s in Condé-sur-l’Escaut.

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