Extended markup table

inote(:inote PageName:)inserts the contents of PageName formatted as a sticky note
abbrn/aprevents wikiwords with only one lower case letter, like PhD or CIOs
`AWiki`Wordanother way to prevent wikiwords, like Ph`D
`.`.invisible stop; removed on output, tells markups such as para to "stop"
`-`-backtick-hyphen makes an en dash – (meaning "to" as in A–B)
`s` backtick-space makes a non-breaking space
`:`:backtick-colon makes a mid-dot ·
`f`1/4 `1/2 `3/4makes a fraction ¼ ½ ¾
-d-- d-d +- -dmake em dash —, digit en dash digit, plus or minus ±, and minus digit
......ellipsis …
aquo<- -> <<...>> <...| |...>left and right arrows ← → and angle quotes « ... » ‹ ... | and | ... ›
mac{vowel}macronised vowels Ā, ā, Ē, ē, etc
'/'/text/'<cite>text</cite> (often rendered in italics)
'@'@text@'<kbd>text</kbd> (often rendered in monospace)
';';text;'small caps text (if the browser supports this font variant)
[^[^footnote text^] and [^#^]swallow footnote text and list the footnotes, with links both ways
q&aQ: and A:render Q: and A: markups with drop-caps
A;D;rop caps; markupDrop cap followed by small caps (looks stunning in pdf)
{|}{abbr|abbreviation} and {:term:definition}<abbr title='...'> and <dfn title='...'> tags (with print equivalents)
=|=|text and =>textcentred and right aligned text (right aligned omitted in print)
{={=sticky note|colour=}a sticky note, colour (optional) is yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, grey
revisions(:`.revisions:)toggle between show and hide revision markups insert and delete
^!!!run-in head!textrun-in headings (if the browser supports this -- looks stunning in pdf)
fig=figure image captiondisplay an image and its caption
:::term:definition::more definitionmultiple <dd> tags per <dt> tag (also tidy :: used for indenting)
paraT[*#:] Name#id and (:para Name#id action:)teaser markup and paragraph include markup (action = more, edit)
lazywebwww.affinity.co.nzlazy web links -- omit the http://
spacedn/atidy wikiword spacing and display wikiwords like TheReturnOfTheKing as The Return of the King
squon/aautomatic smart quotes
linksn/aautomatic tool tips on wiki links, if the page starts with a heading or definition

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